Welcome to the Beta Alpha Psi Couponing Information Database

The Delta Gamma Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi has implemented a new Extreme Couponing Committee to help us achieve extraordinary savings on items we donate to Tampa charities. We have provided a Couponing Information Database for individuals who would like to learn how to coupon. Please check out our “Teach me how to save” PowerPoint, Go-To Couponing Sites, couponing best practices and Upcoming Couponing Classes. As we teach members of our community how to coupon, the amount of people who benefit from the donations exponentially increases!


“Teach Me How To Coupon” Informational PowerPoint

Our Extreme Couponing Committee has created an informative PowerPoint Presentation explaining to tricks of the trade when it comes to couponing. Please click on “Teach Me How To Coupon” Presentation to link you to the Couponing PowerPoint.

Couponing Classes

The Delta Gamma Chapter will be hosting a “Teach me how to save” Couponing Lesson once a month. If you are interested in attending a “Couponing” session, please send an email to president@usfbap.org. The following session are available for the upcoming months:

&#8226 February 8th from 4:30 – 5:30pm, BSN 225
&#8226 March 3rd from 10:00am – 12:00pm, BSN 225
&#8226 April 17rd from 4:45pm – 5:15pm, BSN 225, AMA Meeting Time

Ask one of our Extreme Couponers

If you have any questions throughout your couponing process, please contact one of our local extreme couponers:

Amanda Kerney
Pamlea Bennett
Chris Rosales

Couponing Websites

Below lists a variety of Couponing Websites the Extreme Couponing Committee utilizes during our weekly shopping adventures. Each website provides Weekly In-Store and Online Deals, Searchable Coupon Database, and links to printable coupons available immediately. Please check out each website, depending on the store you are looking to coupon at!


• Store Focus: CVS and Walgreens
Weekly Deals
Searchable Coupon Database
Free Samples


• Store Focus: Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Office Max, Family Dollar
Weekly Deals
Searchable Coupon Database
Free Samples
Restaurant Coupons


• Store Focus: Publix Grocery Store
Weekly Deals
Searchable Coupon Database
The Basics


• Store Focus: Retail Stores and Freebies
Weekly Store Deals
Online Deals


• Store Focus: Grocery and Pharmacy Chains
Weekly Store Deals
Learn How to Save
Printable Coupons

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